Welcome to the Eagle Coach Europe website

This site will help you locate the right ceremonial vehicle for you.
Eagle Coach Europe specialises in funeral vehicles, and we work together with our American counterpart which has been serving the US market since 1982.
We are a family company which enables us to provide a high quality of service.
Our aim is to offer you the best tools available to enable you to operate as easily as possible. We endeavour to develop new producs as often as possible.
We are innovative, and create by listening to you in order to better develop our future vehicles.

Our strengths are:

  • availability
  • we listen
  • the finish of our vehicles
  • the difference we make
  • quality
If you are not yet part of the extended Eagle family, we look forward to welcoming you. 


Our maintenance service has been providing a high quality mechanical and bodywork service for more than 26 years