Built on the Lincoln MKT chassis, the 2015 Eagle Icon is setting a new standard of excellence in the professional vehicle industry.

Its exterior features sleek, sophisticated body lines with a deep, glossy full paint finish, a large integrated Vista skylight, and the style-complementing OEM rear quarter windows. Inside, the Icon is equipped with decorative side panels, an integrated Urn Enclave, Extend-A-Sill, personalized interior load door trim panel, premium interior fabrics, and a spacious casket compartment that measures 122 inches long and 41.5 inches wide.

The Lincoln MKT Eagle Icon... the next generation of finely-crafted Lincoln professional vehicles from Eagle Coach Europe.



  • Back-up Camera
  • Bumper Protector, black ABS, flush-mount insert
  • Bumper, rear, European license plate pocket
  • Door, casket loading, dual hold-open detents
  • Door, casket loading, traditional, left hand hinging
  • Doors, side, OEM "B" post covers
  • Drip Rails, polished aluminum, over all 5 doors
  • Landau Bows, flush-mounted, polished stainless w/ brushed stainless decorative Eagle overlay
  • Locks, emergency unlock switch under rear bumper, unlocks the driver's door
  • Paint, full painted roof and body
  • Pin Striping, standard pattern, includes back door
  • Rear Stop Light, CHMSL, flush mount lights (1), LED
  • Sail Panel/Motif Area, (2) Eagle Coach Laps mounted on black glass
  • Sail Panel/Motif Area, chrome Eagle coach lamp and nameplate
  • Wheels, aluminum, Lincoln
  • Window, sky light, rear compartment, roof mounted
  • Windows - contemporary limousine window styling


  • Casket Compartment Interior & Trim – OEM leatherette
  • Casket Floor, Solid surface with hidden hinges
  • Church Truck Compartment - Closed Well w/swing-out door
  • Dome Lights, rear compartment, LED (6)
  • Drapes, 1-piece, swag on rear side and loading doors
  • Hardware:
    • 10 rear floor rollers
    • 90 degree rollers at sill plate
    • 8 chrome skid bars, 6 with replaceable cores
    • Dual front bier pin plates
    • Quick release, rear adjustable bier pin
  • Headliner, Front, Commercial Style - Provides 4 inches of additional interior head room
  • Locks, power operated, controls front and rear side doors only, unique lock set and keys for casket loading door
  • Locks, rear interior loading door override, push rod
  • Nameplate Holders, Side Doors
  • Partition, 3-piece, sliding glass with Eagle Logo
  • Partition, fabric covered side panels
  • Personalized load door trim panel - with special panel
  • Sill Plate, "Extend-A-Sill" (n/a with extension tables) polished stainless steel
  • Spare Tire Compartment, under floor storage with swing-out access door
  • Umbrella and sign storage, open - stainless steel - under partition
  • Umbrellas – 3
  • Urn Enclave - (Automatic, Integrated) (Portable is substituted when an extend table is ordered)


  • Door, casket loading, 1-piece composite with structural reinforcements
  • Doors, rear side, 1-piece composite with structural reinforcements - forward tilt
  • Roof & Quarter Panels, 1-piece composite
  • Undercoating, frame rails, rocker, and conversion underbody


Casket Door Opening Height
100.33 cm
Casket Door Opening Width
121.92 cm
Chassis Extension - Wheelbase
111.76 cm
Floor Length
309.88 cm
Loading Height
73.66 cm
Overall Length
639.06 cm
Rear Side Door Width
124.46 cm
Wheel Base
411.23 cm
Width between Wheelhouse
111.76 cm